“I explore the relationship between people and place through the use of photographs and watercolor often using landscapes as the basis for my imagery.  Landscape is important to my process because it can be used to portray either the feelings of safety or isolation.  My work utilizes different media such as photography and watercolor to explore the emotions and pivotal moments of my life, specifically grief, loss, love and new life. 

The small nature of the pieces brings forth ideas of postcards and how they are used to connect to memories or nostalgia. While the work is deeply personal it is intended to show themes that are universally understood.”

Cara Croke is an artist and art historian native to the suburbs of Philadelphia.  She earned her BFA magna cum laude from Moore College of Art and Design and her MA with honors from the University of Essex, United Kingdom.  Her studio practice primarily focuses her lived emotions, the maternal experience and intangible nostalgia.



Selected Work

Fuse series (Untitled I – IV)

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